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Forgiveness is one of the most distinguishing features of Ramadan. If we truly want Allah's love, mercy and forgiveness, we must remember that the pleasures in this world are transient, and we are working toward that which is permanent. Is it worth being bitter and stunting our growth? Will it really benefit us? Will our anger and bitterness change the person who has hurt us?

Let us use this Ramadan to open our hearts to those who have wronged us and forgive them as we beg Allah to forgive us..

Love a little more than what is necessary..
Work a little harder than what is required..
Be a little kinder than what is usual..
Give a little more than what u feel u can afford..
Stand in a prayer a little longer than what u intended..
Be a little more patient than what u feel u can handle..
It is that little extra effort sparked by sincerity in the heart
that makes your ordinary self extraordinary...

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Liferay portal? Part 2 of 2

High adaptability to th e demands of fast-changing market
Liferay portal provides high adaptability to the demands of a fast-changing market. In general, Liferay portal can grow according to your organizations. For instance, Liferay portal allows clustering—the addition of hardware to meet growing usage demands. Thus, the capacity for content and applications is boundless.
On the one hand, Liferay portal integrates with workflow engine such as jBPM and Intalio.

A Workflow engine is an automation of processes. It involves a combination of human- and machine-based activities, and interaction with applications and tools in particular. By this integration, Liferay portal allows organizations of all sizes to be more agile that makes business processes more dynamic, modular, and adaptable to the demands of fast-changing markets.

On the other hand, Liferay portal was benchmarked using LogicLibrary's Logiscan. No matter how your processes change, you can always be confident about the security of your data. For this reason, Liferay portal is benchmarked as one of the most secure portal platforms in the market.

Further, Liferay portal accommodates global business environment with multilingual support. For example, after adding a language portlet to any page, you can quickly select a different localization with one simple click.

Highest values
Liferay portal also provides the highest value at every level. Liferay portal is based on 100% standards and a set of key technologies. The standards include AJAX and JSON, hCalendar Micro-format and iCalendar, JSR-127 and JSR-314 (compliant JSF), JSR-168 and JSR-286 (compliant portlet), JSR-170 (Content Repository API for CMS), JSR-220 (Hibernate), OpenSearch, WebDAV, WSRP, and so on.

The technologies involve ICEFaces, jQuery JavaScript Framework, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Spring and AOP, Struts and Tiles, Velocity, FreeMarker, and so on. More importantly, you have the freedom to integrate with your favorite content repository such as Liferay CMS, Alfresco, FatWire, Magnolia, Vignette, and so on. In short, Liferay portal strengthens the compliance to the standards and reduces the risk of investment.

More interestingly, Liferay portal leverages the existing IT environment and works with any application server, database server, or operating system with over 700 deployment configurations. Surely, your existing technology investments are not discarded. Further, the future changes will not require an overhaul of an existing Liferay portal installation.

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