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Forgiveness is one of the most distinguishing features of Ramadan. If we truly want Allah's love, mercy and forgiveness, we must remember that the pleasures in this world are transient, and we are working toward that which is permanent. Is it worth being bitter and stunting our growth? Will it really benefit us? Will our anger and bitterness change the person who has hurt us?

Let us use this Ramadan to open our hearts to those who have wronged us and forgive them as we beg Allah to forgive us..

Love a little more than what is necessary..
Work a little harder than what is required..
Be a little kinder than what is usual..
Give a little more than what u feel u can afford..
Stand in a prayer a little longer than what u intended..
Be a little more patient than what u feel u can handle..
It is that little extra effort sparked by sincerity in the heart
that makes your ordinary self extraordinary...

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Where to buy SMART TAG

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Warranty setahun dengan syarat masih simpan resit.

JIKA HILANG? Replacement serta merta (hanya di KL Sentral je) di Touch n GO hub di KL Sentral. Sila bawa laporan polis, resit, warranty dan IC

JIKA ROSAK? Bayaran baik pulih ialah RM50 dan 5 minggu kena tunggu jika hantar baiki selain di KL Sentral. Jika terus hantar SMART TAG yang rosak ke KL Sentral, dapat replacement (yang baru) serta merta. Sila bawa SMART TAG (yang rosak), resit, warranty dan IC.

Dah TAMAT Warranty, Tapi ROSAK dan HILANG? Beli lah yang baru..hehehehe

Bagaimana MENJAGA Smart Tag? 

Ni cara penjagaan sebab tengok mak dan abah pakai (kami setiap sebuah keta ada Smart Tag).
1. Jangan biarkan Smart Tag dalam keta waktu panas. Sebab alat ni akan cepat rosak bila selalu kena haba panas..
2. Seeloknya..tak payah lekat kat cermin, kang susah nak bukak. Letak kain tahan licin dan letak Smart Tag atas tu bila nak pakai.
3. Jangan biarkan Smart Tag dalam kereta bila anda meninggalkan kereta walau di mana saja. Kalau larat letak dalam beg atau letak bawah sit atau dalam laci. Sebab Smart tag mengundang jenayah rompak, pecah keta..
4. Pastikan bateri penuh..hehehe kang dia tak detect plak kalau dah low.
5. Jangan terjatuh..akibatnya rosak!
6. Jangan tenggelam dalam air..rosak juga!

Gunakanlah SMART TAG supaya anda tidak perlu beratur panjang di highway ok?

Where to buy SmartTAG

Customers can purchase the SmartTAG at Touch ‘n Go Hubs located at Faber Towers and KL Sentral. Alternatively, customers can also purchase SmartTAG at all Customer Service Centre located at PLUS Highways.

Click here to check nearest location

Touch ‘n Go Hubs

The Sphere
Unit G-6, Ground Floor
The Sphere
No. 1, Avenue 1
Bangsar South
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur
KL Sentral Station
Lot 17 Departure Hall,
Level 1 KL City Air Terminal,
KL Sentral Station,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Johor Bahru
Wisma Nufri, No. 12D,
Jalan Yahya Al-Datar,
Johor Bahru, Johor

Click here to check nearest location

What is the price of a unit of SmartTAG?

The SmartTAG will be sold at RM120. 
 If you want to purchase an extra smart tag holder which sticks on your windscreen can be bought just rm 8 at PLUS.

About SmartTAG

SmartTAG is the Malay acronym for “Sistem Membayar Automatic Rangkaian Tol,” or literally means Automatic Payment System For Toll Network.

It is a vehicle on-board unit that works in combination with the Touch ‘n Go card to allow user to pay toll with drive-through convenience.
SmartTAG transmits information between the Touch ‘n Go card and the toll system via infrared at the dedicated lane. The system can detect a vehicle as fast as 40 milliseconds and vehicle throughput is 4 times faster than cash lane.

At a smaller toll plaza where there is no SmartTAG lane, user can take out the Touch ‘n Go card from the SmartTAG and use it at the Touch ‘n Go lane instead. -


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